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Cathy Mahady, Life Coach with Coaching the Dream

Cathy Mahady
Professional Master Life Coach

Minneapolis, MN



Do You Have a Dream?


So, what is THE Dream? And why am I mentoring others to accomplish the dream through personal Life Coaching?

Now that may mean something different to each one of us. It's personal and focused on your purpose and passion in life. And sometimes we need a little guidance from a Life Coach to find what that is.

It may mean attaining financial freedom, spending more quality time with your family, more interesting and fulfilling work, living a healthier life, more frequent and enjoyable leisure activities, or the ability to simply decide for yourself... whatever it is you want to decide.

When you reach your dream, will you be

  • wealthier?
  • more relaxed?
  • happier?
  • healthier?
  • fulfilled?
  • more content?

So, what is your dream and what is your strategy to accomplish it? Have you even given this much thought lately? Maybe you have lost sight of your dream with the stresses and pressures of just trying to get through the month with not enough time and not enough money?

It's not your fault. Sometimes we just need a Life Coach to walk beside us, to empower us, to lead us toward living our best life!

Take a minute to think about what inspires you, energizes you, and empowers you? What do you want to do, have, or become?

"A dream is what you desire if anything and everything is possible."
~~ Matt Yates


It's time to start believing that your dream is possible. Ignite the passion in your work and life and inspire success. Don't let your dream remain just that... a dream.

Life Coaching can help you bring your desires into focus so that you may

Accomplish The Dream

of a more fulfilled and abundant life.

Are you leading your life or simply reacting to the same old, same old that life is throwing at you? When you realize you are meant for more than what life is giving you now, then you'll be ready to take the lead (partnered with a Life Coach).

All that matters is that you are willing to decide what you want, believe you can have it, learn the principles of success, and persevere. A personal Life Coach will help you do exactly this! So, are you ready?


Get Started with a Free Consultation


What's the difference between a fulfilled dream and just wishful thinking? Do you know?

It's taking the first step to simply get started. It's a journey you and I will take together. It will be my honor to be your Life Coach and mentor you to accomplish your dream. We have the blueprint for creating your success. Let's turn your heartfelt dreams into your daily reality.


"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe."
~~Anatole France, Novelist


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